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How to look good in Vintage clothing?

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For anyone who has a certain affinity for classic styles or a desire to wear something that is unique and alluring, vintage clothing and accessories can be a great value addition in your wardrobe. It is an undeniable fact that fashion repeats itself. There are several styles that never run of fashion and many recognized designers of today borrow ideas as well as design details from the bygone era. Hence, investing in learning how to wear vintage fashion clothing definitely makes sense.

Authentic Vintage Clothing

In case you are uncertain about how to determine whether or not a particular item is vintage, then you can draw some details from the garments that were produced prior to the 1960s. Certain unusual detailing such as pinked seams with side snap closures and zig zag edges and metal zippers can definitely help you pick vintage clothing from the regular clothing. Vintage clothing can also be identified based on the fabric. The older textiles feel very different from all type of clothing that is manufactured these days. Further, vintage clothing is usually seen in colors that we don’t see too much in the current trends.

The Secret To Wearing Vintage Clothing

  • The key to beautifully adorn the vintage clothing is by combining it with the modern items instead of wearing full head to toe vintage. When you wear head to toe vintage clothing, it puts you at a risk of making you look like you are in some costume or theme party.

  • Certain vintage items tend to be very dramatic yet glamorous such as faux fur coat. If you wear faux fur coat, no matter what you combine it with, your fur coat will grab all the attention. On the other hand, if you are wearing a high waist pant then you can complete the look by pairing it up with a contemporary blouse and shoes.

  • Further, with a vintage dress you must always follow the beauty trends of the modern day especially when it comes to your hair and makeup.

  • When looking for vintage clothing it is important to understand the shapes that accentuate the curves of your body. Try out everything available to figure out what works best for you and what is a strict no for your body shape. In case you love the fabric or look of the vintage item but find that it doesn’t really fit you in the right places then don’t forget that you can take help from a tailor to alter your garment according to your body type. Hemlines and shoulder pads are very easy to alter.

Final Say

So, go ahead and experiment all you like with the vintage clothing. However, make sure you don’t get too carried away as there are trends that are best left to the bygone era. Hence, you must not experiment too much with such trends. If done right, your vintage look can definitely help you attract all the eyeballs in your direction.

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