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Major Types of Indian Clothing for Women

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India –the country is known for its immense diversity in cultures, traditions, religions, and even lifestyles. Owing to this diversity, women across the country wear different types of clothing that go hand in hand with their culture & tradition. While traveling to India for the first time, you will be amazed by the variety in clothing that exists there, especially for women. The type of clothing in India for women tends to vary significantly on the basis of a lit of factors. From the weather conditions of a place to the local culture, religion, as well as rural or urban influences –these are some of the major factors affecting the clothing of women in India.

If you wish to buy for yourself an amazing collection of Indian stylish clothing for women, then you can buy from Fynd –an online store featuring a wide collection of designer traditional as well as contemporary clothing for women at highly affordable rates. Here are some top suggestions of Indian clothing types for women. Have a glance:

  • Sari: The Indian Sari is world-renowned for its immense beauty and sophistication. An Indian Sari is a long piece of designer cloth worn by a majority of Indian married women as a symbol of their exquisite fashion sense. You can come across a wide variety of Indian Sarees. Ranging diversely in terms of texture, color, designs, prints, and so more –a typical Sari is a true symbolism of beauty and art at its best.


You can find amazing sarees on Indian Global Desi. A Sari is a typically 4 to 9 meters in length and can be complemented with different styles of draping the “pallu”. A sari is usually paired up with a classic piece of blouse and traditional jewelry items.


  • Salwar Kameez: Another most common type of Indian clothing for women is the Salwaaz Kameez. This clothing is usually common in the northern areas of the country in some specific states like Haryana, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, and others. However, women from other areas are also adopting this classic Indian wear that makes them look elegant all over. A typical Salwaar Kameez usually consists of a Salwaar (an elongated, wide trouser which gets narrower towards the ankle) and a Kameez (a long piece of tunic or shirt with designs or colorful patterns all over).


There are tons of varieties in a Salwaar Kameez as women like to experiment with pairings, colors, designs, and even patterns of the same. A Salwaar Kameez is often mated to a colorful or complementary “Dupatta” which is a long piece of colorful cloth in different designs & textures. The Dupatta is more oftenly worn over the shoulders by the women in India.


  • Kurti or Kurta: For those who might not like the heavy combinations of a Salwaar Kameez, a simple Kurta or Kurti is a better option. Mostly adorned by the modern women of India, a kurta consists of a long shirt or tunic in different colors, textures, and designs. A kurti can be paired with a simple legging or even tight jeans at the bottom to complete the look. Modern Indian women who are working usually wear a simple kurti to their office space as well. You can find immense variety in kurti ranging from long-sleeved to 3/4th-sleeved, cut-sleeved, ankle length, short kurti, and so more.

If you happen to be learning about the culture of India, then the clothing of women in India might entice you the most. Go get yourself an amazing Indian wear collection from Fynd.com.

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