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Entrepreneurs, particularly realtors always know that it is customary to give a closing gift to their newly settled clients who are excited to buy a house from them and move into their new paradise soon. We know how exciting it can be to give new home owners a chance to settle into their new space and enjoy the sense of belongings. This is when a custom address stamp can be used as a perfect gift as it offers you an interesting and unique way to communicate your marketing message and convey your thank you message.

address stampsCustomized address stamps give you the freedom to add a custom message to the mount’s index and it is seen as a powerful marketing tactic. So the next time you use the stamp, it will combine your unique message on a product that people use on regular basis.

The success of such promotional items is based on the frequency of its usage by the potential client. If a client is mailing you something, they need to apply their return address to the package. During the first few weeks after closing the deal, the homeowner is changing address and giving their family and friends the new address. This is when your message will be present on the fingertips all the time and this increases the opportunity for word of mouth.

Moreover, self-inking stamps lasts for approximately 50,000 impressions that keep your message in front of the clients for many years. Custom address stamps include multiple lines of typed text which often include the email address and phone number along with the name and address of the homeowner.

A majority of realtors don’t use the new address of home owners because it doesn’t naturally fit with their business relation, rather they use a custom message on the stamp.

Custom address stamps are unique as they offer you a chance to personalize them for you as well as your customer. A real estate agent can include branding slogan, name, photo and contact information of the company and permanently embed them onto the font of each stamp.

At idealstampshop.com, we offer many stamps to choose from. So take your pick and give your customer’s the first items to make them feel overjoyed.

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