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Tips To Revamp Your Kid’s Old Electric Car Into An Outstanding Ride On Car

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If you are asked what your child’s favourite game is, you may give various answers including sliding, swinging, riding tricycles, hide-and-seek and so on. But do you know which is the most favourite game of all children around the world? It’s copying grownups!


Since very young age, children want to do everything that their parents and elder siblings do. All kids spend most of their time pretending to be grownups. This is the very reason why children love electric ride-on toys so much because they give them a feel of driving a real car like adults.

Are Electric Ride-on Toys Safe?

While kids love moving around in ride-on cars of their very own, parents can be thankful for how safe they are – no fire hazard, no grease and a huge range of power/speed options to select from. These cars range from remote controlled models for toddlers to the mighty 64V cars for pre-teens and innumerable other units for kids of every age in between. Take a look at the range available at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop.

The best part among all these, however, is that if your kids start getting bored with their battery powered cars, those cars can be modified and spiced up! Moreover, working on such a car to revamp it is a great fun.

You can add to the power, battery life and size of the old electric toy car to transform it into a striking go-kart for a teen. Or just design the exterior on your own and give it a new life.

Ideas for Revamping Your Children’s Old Electric Cars

First off, it’s recommended that customising an electric toy car needs a lot of caution and so, it should be done under parental supervision. Also don’t forget that with most modifications, the warranty will be void.

Customisation of Exterior

The fastest, easiest and safest way to revamp an electric ride-on car is to just change the way it looks. When you plan to change the exterior, there are unlimited possibilities. Here are a few ideas:

Paint it Anew: Make sure that you buy a specialised paint. It should be resilient, waterproof and most importantly it should work well with all kinds of plastic.

Use Stickers: You can get a variety of stickers out there which can suit all kinds of ride on cars. Other alternative is to use blank stickers on which you can draw your own designs.

Create Your Own Spoilers, Chassis etc: You can shape up any piece of scrap plastic or aluminium to make spare parts with only a little effort. Only ensure you sand down all the outer surfaces and also use bolts to add those parts because staples or glues won’t go for long.


Tuning Up

Just like any other kind of vehicle, children’s battery operated cars have some limitations. Based on its battery, a toy car may have to be recharged after half a minute or a couple of hours of use. Maximum speeds approximately range from 5 to 25 km/hour (3 to 15 mph). Look at the range of ride on toys for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop.

Fortunately, an extensive range of parts is available. So, you can create a real off-road speedster from any electric toy car as long as it’s big enough to hold the chosen motors and battery.

Accessories and Add-ons

When you purchase an electric toy car, you basically get the ‘stock’ version which has everything you require but nothing more than that. With numerous accessories and add-ons, you can make the toy car stand out. These include:

  • Long range remote control
  • FM radio as well as speakers
  • Functioning HID headlights
  • Practical steering wheel
  • Larger/wider wheels for urban terrain

Making a few changes to your child’s electric toy car can be a fun family project and your kids will feel proud to ride the freshened up car.


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