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5 Helpful Tips for Selecting A Patio Door

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Your local patio door company is a wondrous place, filled with a wide range of patio door styles, colors, and materials. But sometimes, having such a plethora of options at your disposal can be more of a challenge than a blessing as it can be somewhat tough to find just the right door for your home.

You need to go into this search with some basic things in mind. For starters, you want a door that is going to match or, at the very least, complement the architectural design of your home. Aesthetic value is important, your patio door should help to encapsulate this outdoor living area with simplicity. But your door should also reflect your personal style and cater to your lifestyle. You want to a door that is going to require more care and maintenance than you are prepared to handle.

Finally, consider the placement of your patio door. Is this door going to be used as the entry-way from the interior of the home to the patio or is this door going to be located at the entry to your balcony? Do you intend to place the door as a component of a wall that is made up entirely of window panes? These are just some of the factors that will play a significant role in your decision.

The following are five essential tips for selecting the patio door that works best for your home:

1. Consider the Size of Your Patio

Not all patios are built the same. Some are smaller than others and there are patio doors built to accommodate patio areas of all sizes. The factor here is whether your patio door swings or slides. If available space is at a premium on your patio or even inside the home, should your patio be attached directly to the house, you may want to go with a sliding panel door versus a swinging alternative.

2. Wide Open Spaces

If you want to give the interior of the home more of a bright and airy view of the patio, think about going with a patio door that is wider than normal. This way you can leave the doors open and see more of your patio from inside. Think of the patio doors as windows in this regard, where you can open them and allow fresh air and sunlight into the home.

3. Don’t Forget About Energy Efficiency

Most patio doors will have some type of glass as part of their manufacturing. That glass should be as energy efficient as any of the windows in your home, so you will want to find the patio door with the best features in this department. Look for things like low-emissivity, UV coating, and tempered glass, all of these components will not only make your home a more conservative consumer of energy but bring added security as well.

4. Maintenance Requirements

The quickest way to ruin the appearance of your patio door is to neglect it. Over time, the wear and tear of environmental factors and the elements will start to degrade the aesthetic of the door. So, consider vinyl or aluminum if you want to do little to no work on your doors and only go with wood if you are prepared to do some work in that area.

5. Don’t Clash

Remember, your patio door should match or complement your home’s architectural style. But that can still leave you with a wealth of options among styles, size, and type. Homes that are built from wood will look best with a wood patio door. Homes with vinyl siding might do best with a vinyl door.

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