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What Does Eye Mascara Do?

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Mascara is an effective and straightforward way to highlight the eyes and make it pop. But what does this thing do? Through different formulas, various mascaras are able to make the lashes appear longer, thicker, or both. If people have ever been down the shopping store’s makeup department, they have probably seen many different varieties of mascara brands available.

These things contain various formulas that are pretty effective at making people’s lashes appear more voluminous, longer, darker, or a bit of everything. Lastly, it helps people to brighten their day and help them feel a lot better about themselves. Listed below are tips people need to know about these things and how it is able to amplify an individual’s natural beauty.

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This thing gives the mascara its color. The standard colors are brown and black. Since they are applied around the eyes, they are highly regulated. In the early 30s, manufacturers use more dangerous ingredients like aniline, turpentine, and Kohl, which contains lead. Using these ingredients can cause blindness in some users. But this is now something that does not usually need to be worried about. There are still mascaras that are not as clean as more modern color additives, ingredient-wise.

Oils and waxes

Oils and waxes allow pigments in mascaras to coat the eyelashes evenly. These things also add water resistance, so it does not run down the user’s face if it experiences moisture. Oils and waxes usually use Castor oil, sesame oil, mineral oil, carnauba wax, and beeswax.

Rayon/Nylon fibers

These things are usually added to lengthen the mascara. They stick to the end of the natural lashes, making them extended artificially.


They are added to help these things to be more consistent and minimize the growth of bacteria.


It may be pretty overwhelming walking in the makeup department and trying to find the perfect mascara. Listed below are some tips to help people combat analysis paralysis.


People should only use waterproof products when they really need them, like when they will be away from home for long periods and will not have access to restrooms for touch-ups. The reason for this is that waterproof mascaras are pretty hard to remove.

It would be best if you rubbed it vigorously to remove the thing from your skin altogether. It can cause breakage to the eyelashes and can even cause damage to the skin beneath it and around the eyes. People always need to use makeup remover to remove waterproof makeup.

Choose black colored-mascara

If a person is buying one for the first time, experts like Doll Beauty suggest that they choose a black-colored one because it works for almost everyone, even for people with light-colored hair. It is because these things are used to define the eyes. It needs to be very visible to achieve its most dramatic effect. Interestingly, individuals with red hair are more prone to choosing brown colors, and blonds appreciate black ones since the contrast is pretty stunning.

Go for drama

Use various types of mascara to achieve a dramatic effect. Use thing lengthening ones first after using eyelash curlers, and switch to volumizing ones using a large brush. If applied to the eyelashes’ roots, it will provide the appearance of thick and long lashes.

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