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Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Different Kinds of Fences

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No matter what material you select for your fence, it’s designed to be able to withstand high levels of wear and tear for years to come. However, you will need to perform some amount of care and maintenance to preserve the condition of the material so you can maximize its lifespan. So, you may need to perform some routine cleaning measures from time to time.

Depending on the material you choose, your maintenance requirements may vary. But in the end, all fences need some cleaning. You might even need to repair some rust damage on a metal fence or renew a wooden fence a fresh coat of paint or stain. Though if you are diligent about the regular upkeep of the material, these additional tasks won’t be as necessary. Simply put, if you take care of your fence, your fence will last longer.

So, here are the best cleaning and maintenance tips for different kinds of fences. Find the type that you have surrounding your home and follow these easy steps:

Vinyl Fencing

The vinyl option is the easiest to clean and requires the least amount of maintenance. All you need to clean a vinyl fence is a bucket of soapy water and a garden hose. You should clean your vinyl every three to six months and get a brush to work out those stubborn stains that have marred the appearance.

You should never paint vinyl fence, but one of the reasons it’s such a popular material is because it’s available in so many different colors. Heat is also not good for vinyl fences so keep barbecue grills and anything else that might get hot away from the surface.

Metal Fencing

Much like with vinyl, you really just need some soap and water as metal fences are relatively easy to keep clean. But unlike vinyl, you do need to implement some protective measures to prevent the metal from rusting. So, use a little epoxy coating or any other protectant of your choice.

You may want to clean your metal fencing every six to nine months, but if you live in a region that sees a lot of precipitation or suffers elevated levels of smog, you may want to do it a little more often.

Wood Fencing

Here’s where things can get a little more complicated. You are not going to wash your wood fence with a mix of soap and water like you would the other materials. Cleaning a wood fence is going to require a pressure washer to really get the surface layers of dirt, gunk, and grime completely removed.

But just be careful about the amount of pressure you use on the wood surface. A twenty-five-degree tip is recommended to keep you from causing any damage to the wood.

If you have found some mold on the fence, turn to a mix of bleach and water to remove and sanitize the material. For wood fences in particular, if there is just too much neglect you may want to turn to professional fence cleaning in Shawnee Mission to get the work done instead.

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