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How To Dress For Work

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Do you know how to dress for work. Providing you do not have the type of job that requires you to wear a uniform, do you know what is work appropriate and what is not appropriate to wear in the workplace? You want to dress in something that makes you feel like you however, that does not mean that you can go to work in your sweat pants and tee shirt. According to an article, if you feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing than you will look uncomfortable at your job and that is never a good thing. Being professional does not have to make you feel weird or cost you a lot of money. Being professional is about dressing in non-distracting clothes and being well-groomed. In another article, it discussed some dos and don’ts for men and women in the workplace. For example, men should dress like everyone else so you don’t stick out and to that you should go for quality over quantity. For women, there are more rules because some women can sometimes be more complicated than others. Women should never wear tight or trendy clothing and should try to stick with neutral colors. Heals are good with the exception of open toed shoes. Always consult the dress code manual for the job that you will be working at for the actual dos and don’ts of that particular workplace.

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