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Ten Things You Should Tell Your Clients About Mats

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High-performance floor mats can play an even greater role in keeping facilities safe, clean, and healthy than many facility managers realize. It is our job as professionals to educate our clients about the many benefits of floor mats.

Let’s first clarify. The types of mats described in this article can be called high-performance mats. All mats do not qualify for high-performance. True high-performance mats should be bought by an establishment and not rented. They are superior in effectiveness and last for longer.

These are 10 important facts about mats that every professional should be able to share with their customers.

  1. Mats can help keep facilities green. To be considered for consideration, a facility should have high-performance mats.
  2. Installing mats should touch the entrance door. When installing multiple mats together, make sure they touch the entry door. The mats should be installed in this manner to keep soil and moisture out. Additionally, if more than one mat has been installed, they can work together to remove contaminants from the bottom of shoes.
  3. There are three types, scrapers and wiper/scrapers. These are used for building entrances. Wipers, the facility’s last line, are also used. These three types of mats are considered partners and work together to clean up soils and maintain clean facilities.
  4. We often refer to the “Rule of 15s” in the mat industry. It means that all entries should have five feet of scraper and five feet of scrubber/scraper. Five feet of wiper mats should also be installed.
  5. High-performance mats tend to be heavier than rental mats. Because rental mats are often made to be folded, folded, washed, and transported from one place to another, they can be heavier.
  6. A floor audit can help you to assist your customers. An audit helps you decide where and what type of mats to use. There are many types of mats. You may need to do some research.
  7. Regular vacuuming of mats is a must. When they are soiled, the extraction method should be used to clean them. Carpet extractors can pull dirt from the fibers of the carpet, and remove them completely from the mat.
  8. Your customers will be the first to think of mats being stored rolled up. It is not the best way to store a mat. The mat can curl if it is rolled up. The mat should always be flattened. You can store one mat over another if it’s clean and dry.
  9. Recommend your clients to install logo mats. A logo mat welcomes visitors and staff to the building.
  10. Your clients should recommend installing interior mats. They can be placed in long hallways as well as at the top and bottom of elevators. This will make your job much easier and help to keep your customer’s facility cleaner. You can use interior mats to trap soils in the building and stop them from being carried around.

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