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If your Reading Online, Protect your Eyes

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Protecting ourselves from blue light doesn’t mean the world is blue..

Sometimes we forget that wearing a pair of glasses isn’t always about style, sometimes it’s about protecting your eyes. There are plenty of different and harmful ways that can hurt your eyes in this day and age, it’s up to us to make sure that we know what’s out there and how to protect ourselves if that something was to ever present itself to us.

What are UV Blocking Glasses?

Uv blocking glasses also known as blue light blockers or blue blocker reading glasses are glasses that protect us from blue light. Just as sunglasses are to the sun, and reading glasses are to that subtle but stressful straining blur, so are blue light blocking glasses to blue light. The great thing about these types of glasses is that they still can be stylish, light and maintenance free. They also come at a very reasonable price depending on where you purchase them.

What is Blue Light?

Everyone has sat in front of the tv for hours on end or even spend the entire night up binge-watching your favorite show on your favorite tv wifi network on your tablet, and the entire time you find your self-straining to watch or even straining to blink. That is your eyes dealing with the effect of blue light. The best way to describe what blue light is is it’s the bright lighting that is being emitted from your laptop, tablet or device that makes your eyes strain in order to be able to look at it or a certain amount of time. Most of us don’t realize this because we have just become accustomed to it. But just like our eyes adjust to the sun when we first walk outside, our eyes try to adjust to our device except that our eyes are adjusted to whatever the background is and the device itself, our eyes can only just strain to adjust to it, but never actually do. This can cause headaches, neck pains and sleep deprivation.

Why use these glasses?

The truth is that we live in a different age. We don’t write letters and mail them anymore. We don’t wait until 3:00 pm when Jesse will be home from work to call her at home, we don’t go in our father’s office and go through his encyclopedia collections to help inform ourselves on a specific topic for the class. We especially don’t go to the library as much as we used to, write our name on the sign-up sheet and wait for a spot to open so we can use the computer. This is a life ruled by devices, out phones are devices, our TVs are devices, our books are tablets, our tablets are devices and even our systems that play music for us are devices. The average person spends the majority of their day on or in front of a device. Too much of anything has a side effect and the devices side effect is what we call blue light. So, whether we are reading or texting let’s make sure that we are protecting ourselves at the same time.


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