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Five Basics Types of Outdoor Lighting: Decorative, Wall, Security, Landscape and Portable

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When it comes to illuminating the exterior of your home and the surrounding property, it helps to know your outdoor lighting basics. There are many different options from which to choose and your local Outdoor Lighting Company will have plenty of ideas as to designing the most effective lighting scheme for your home.

But if you really want to simplify things, all outdoor lighting can be reduced to five basic categories: decorative, wall, security, landscape and portable. The trick is to know which is best for a specific area of the property. Some are easier to determine than others and you can use multiple types to serve a particular purpose for lighting the outside of your home.

So, let’s take a closer look at the five basic types of outdoor lighting and how each can play a role in keeping your home and your family safe at night.

1. Decorative Lighting

Pretty much just how it sounds, this is lighting that provides your home with illumination in a decorative fashion. Whether it’s the fixtures that are bringing a decorative flair to the property or the light emanating from them, decorative lighting can enhance the look and feel of any style home while bringing about an increase in that all-important curb appeal.

Decorative lighting accents can help to bring up the resale value of the home while adding much-needed light to dark corners and thick, dense landscaping.

2. Wall Lighting

This one is also somewhat self-explanatory, you’re talking about lighting fixtures that are attached to the exterior wall of the house and utilized for illuminating specific areas around the outside, such as patios, decks, even the front door. Your wall lighting can be accomplished using any number of fixtures that are available on the market. In some cases, you may just want to paint the side of the house with lighting.

3. Security Lighting

The term “security lighting” can refer to a wide array of lighting fixtures and placement that are designed to bring a high level of security to the home. These can include everything from flood-lights to walkway fixtures. Basically, any lighting that is placed around the home to keep you and your family counts as security lighting.

Bright lights that cover a large space are ideal for keeping the home safe from intruders who operate best in the dark, but even smaller, more subtle lighting that increases visibility to those walking outside the home after dark can also be included as a security measure.

4. Landscape Lighting

These are fixtures that provide suitable light to see by when you are outdoors in the dark but they can also be used for atmosphere and ambiance. This lighting is also intended to highlight architectural features on the home and place a spotlight on certain landscaping features of which you are particularly proud, be it a tall, old tree or expertly manicured hedges.

5. Portable Lighting

Rather simple actually, it’s lighting that is not permanently installed on your property. So, you may consider things like string lights or floor lamps that can be relocated from one place to the next as portable lighting.

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