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How Often Should You Have A Pest Control Company Come to Your Home?

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Your Pest Authority of Nashville is here with some pest control tips to keep you and your family safe from the insects and vermin that want to come inside your home to eat your food, live in your walls, root through your garbage, and spread disease. That’s why you want a pest control company to visit you on a routine basis to ensure that your home is free from these invading freeloaders.

Pest prevention is a critical component of keeping a home that’s clean and safe. But you can’t rely solely on the work of the professionals to get the job done, you need to be diligent about getting involved in the effort yourself with preventive measures that are easier to implement.

Know Your Enemy

Different pests might require different prevention options. So, you need to know what your home is getting plagued by the most. Are you seeing mice in and around your home? Perhaps you’re dealing with a bigger menace in the form of rats. Maybe you’ve got ants or cockroaches. Whatever the problem, keep an eye out for the first signs of infestation.

Homes with pets will likely have to contend with fleas or ticks at some point down the line. These are just as much of a nuisance as ants, mice, cockroaches, or silverfish.

Calling in The Experts

Based on the type of pest problem you’re currently dealing with you may want to have your home treated every other month. This is the average prevention routine for most homes and it gives your pest prevention company the ability to monitor the problem and figure out if the pesticides being used are effective enough.

Homes that are located in wetter climates may need more prevention services while those homes that are in regions where the weather is often colder might require fewer treatment visits when the temperatures drop. Although colder weather may cause smaller rodents such as mice to seek shelter in your home, while bugs and insects are typically less of a problem in the cold.

Do Your Part in The Fight

While professional pest control companies are very good at getting rid of vermin from your home, it’s up to you to ensure they stay out. That might require some work on your part to make your home less attractive and inviting for the common pests and vermin that are likely to seek a way inside.

That means reducing the number of invitations that you may be unwittingly giving out to these pets in the form of a dirty home inside and out. Food is the primary goal for pests so be sure to keep your food well protected in storage items that make it hard for pests to reach.

Your trash is also very appealing to all kinds of pests and vermin, so be sure you are taking it out on a regular basis and use trash receptacles with closed lids. Make sure the exterior trash bins are well-kept and tidy at all times.

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