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How to Re-ink Pre-inked or Self-Inking Address Stamps

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Since ages, stamps have been used to ease the work load. Customized address stamp has been helping people to write company’s address on a number of documents in an easy way. It helps a person save his time, money and efforts by avoiding writing the same thing over and over again. With the improvement in the stamping industry, companies are choosing pre-inked stamps over the traditional stamps as they easily give 50,000 clear and crisp impression.

By opting for pre-inked address stamps, you are not required to carry a separate stamp pad, but do you know how to refill the stamp when the impression starts to fade away? Probably no. For this reason, in this blog we will help you know more on how to refill self-inking address stamps to get clearer impressions without using excess pressure.

Here you need to keep in mind two important things, only used the specific refill ink and never add more than the recommended drops of ink at a given time.

Start by removing the handle of the stamp by pulling it up from the base and expose the two ink chambers present underneath. Next pick up the ink bottle of matching color, add a specific number of drops in the respective chambers. If you are refilling small round stamps which are ¾ inches in diameter, make sure to add only 5 drops as adding more than that can over flow the stamp. For stamps that are larger than 2 inches X 3 inches, you can add approximately 10 to 15 drops of the ink. For larger stamps, more than 20 drops will help you get clearer and crisp impression.

Start by adding specified number of drops as you can always add up more ink, if required. However, do not put too much ink at a given time as it can lead to a messy situation. Ink travels down to the surface of the stamp by force of gravity, therefore it may take up some time to see improvement in stamp impression. However, remember never to add water base ink in pre-inked stamp as oil based ink is used in them.

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