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How to combine different hype clothes on yourself

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Times are changing, but fashion is not far behind. Take a look at the photos of today’s celebrities, who are abandoning more and more outfits elaborated in favor of comfort and convenience. Streetwear dominates the wardrobe of celebrities, politicians, and other media personalities. In a way, this is a challenge to morality, daily life, and the grayness of being. To be different from others, you no longer have to reinvent the wheel, just relax your limits. In what is the so-called street style expressed and how to combine different hype clothes on you?

A long time ago, in the sixties of the twentieth century, the style of street fashion began to develop and a rapid rise to the top. Street fashion has balanced the path of bright trends and incredibly expensive brands (an example can be original supreme louis vuitton hoodie).

Some Asian countries have recently begun to abandon stereotypes, finding attractive a more European style. Street clothing in Asia is not perceived as separate. Rather, it is a mixture, eclecticism, a combination of seemingly incompatible things that, as a whole, gives an air of exclusivity. Those who prefer a street style in clothes do not have to stand out, so the image of such a way is easily perceived and unbuilt so that later you can find an answer in your thoughts. It is convenient for them to ride a bike, jump rope, sit on a park bench wearing supreme shoulder bag. These people do not depend on the opinions of others and nothing prevents them from doing what they want. Down with office skirts, pants with arrows, lace blouses, and ties! What do we see in street style magazines? Photo with such a hipster, which combines delicate colored blouses with sport jeans, effectively torn at the knees. Cycling gloves, potholes, and dark glasses complete the look. The hair is most likely loose or thickened, so as not to interfere. Accessories that make you comfortable!

Tired of following the call of fashion designers?

Then this is your subject, who suddenly denies the rules of the podium. The street style has no clear borders, nationalities, and recommendations, but like a sponge, it absorbs elements from popular subcultures and develops along with them. Such a large niche could not miss the companies that create fashionable clothes or shoes like off white hyperdunks. The street fashion clan is pampered by brands: Obey, Bape, Supreme, Addict, Cheap, and many more.

More recently, even ubiquitous jeans have been the subject of street fashion. Well-known brands quickly recognized where the wind was blowing and adapted to the needs of a potential audience. Now, the street giants on the catwalks are being brought en masse by such industry giants as Armani, Versace, and Gabbana.

There is less pathos and pretentiousness, although the famous English restriction is recognized in everything. The street style of celebrities is demonstrated by Miroslava Duma

The mood of the city can only be understood if someone enters his heart. And the heart of the city is its streets; who was the first to pay homage to the rich blue. T-shirts like vlone off white, elegant bags of strict geometric shapes are in trend. Street fashion is closely linked to sports but allows the inclusion of unusual textures. If you want to blend harmoniously into the atmosphere, create an image with grunge jeans, a large belt, and a T-shirt with a bright print. A large blouse, off white track pants, and platform shoes add femininity. Well, a rare hype personality will appear on the street without a bag.

a whisper of passers-by, smiles of urban fashionistas, the smell of rain and damp grass, lines from your favorite poems, songs, and why not asap rocky guess shirt. Street images are far from ordinary and raw, although individualism is often compared to shocking.

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