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Ruby Rings & Pendants Trends for 2018

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The gleaming red color of Ruby gemstone has an immortal appeal and charm. This gemstone has always allured the elite and has been revered as the stone of royalty for that reason. It carries the beauty of red color and brings the strong cosmic powers of ruby in the life of its possessor. Fine opulent Rubies are known for their deep hues and ability to cast the metaphysical properties of this gem on the wearer. It symbolizes true love and bestows good fortunes. Most importantly, it fosters trust in a relationship. No wonder, ruby rings and pendants are highly admired as the wedding and engagement jewels. Here are some interesting trends for 2018 that you must check out for a special occasion and a special someone.

  1. Oval Cut Ruby Rings:

The oval cut gemstone rings are quite a vogue. You can easily find this trend in the stone jewelry that includes Ruby rings. Prefer a vintage design in this style. With an oval cut, deep blood red ruby, you may look for white accents in the design. Choose them with white sapphires as a replacement for costly diamonds.

  1. Cabochon Cut Rubies with Diamonds:

A fine quality gemstone cut as a cabochon and encrusted upon a sparkling gold metal can be the most prized possession for a woman. When complemented by the splendid diamonds, it becomes a distinctive style statement of the wearer. This year, you can expect a lot of designers working on this trend. However, you should prefer buying cabochon cut ruby gemstone online from a reputed store. GemPundit.com has added a huge range of these rings and pendants in amazing designs to suit the perfect occasions like wedding or engagement.

  1. Pear-Cut Halo Pendant:

If you are looking for an amazing pendant design, this trend will certainly intrigue you with its aura. With a unique pear cut, this ruby necklace design is a true stunner. It carries the perfect beauty of this gemstone. To accentuate the appeal of this design, it is surrounded by white topaz, white sapphire or diamonds. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the right combination of gemstones and metal in this style trend for 2018.

  1. Heart Pendant and Ring Designs:

It is a versatile and everlasting design trend for ruby jewelry. The designs with tiny gems encrusted upon a heart-shaped metal look apt for the person who lives close to your heart. It is the hottest style trend in the fashion jewelry as well. You can either opt for a heart-shaped ring or a pendant made of the precious metals like gold or sterling silver.

  1. The Halo Design:

With a band of white diamonds or red colored stones surrounding it, you can choose the oval cut ruby gemstone ring as a precious gift. Choose the round cut gems for the halo effect and a perfect sizing in this ring. Apart from this, you can also choose another trends design of split shank in the rings. It is an architectural design loved by everyone. This vintage look has already grabbed a hotspot as the best trending design in precious jewelry for 2018. A solitaire stone with a split band defines its style. You can choose it as a wedding, anniversary, or engagement ring.

These are some hot and lovely ruby rings and pendants trends for 2018.





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